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A well-run, effective blog is finally within reach. SaaSpirin does away with the hassle of freelancers and the high cost of an agency. We use proven techniques to help you win while you put your SaaS or MarTech blog on autopilot.

Start with blogging and then add on white papers, landing page content, case studies, SEO pillars/hubs, web copy, CMS publishing, social sharing, and more with SaaSpirin.

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Grow your blog, grow your business

Content marketing is the #1 way for SaaS businesses to grow. HubSpot, Shopify, Unbounce, Intercom, Wistia... They all use blogging to establish authority, attract traffic from search engines, fire up social media channels — and fill the pipeline with leads.

Big SaaS companies hire content agencies that charge $2k/blog post. But content marketing doesn’t have to break the bank to get results.

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Introducing the lean blogging model

We’ve developed a methodology that lets us bring greater impact with less effort, based on key principles from SaaS product development, content marketing, and lead generation. This keeps us laser focused on the big things. And it keeps costs lean by stripping away the parts that don’t matter.

The SaaSpirin model:

Know the customer

Choose impactful topics

Write with authority

Optimize for traffic

Invite action

Check results

Tweak and continue

Our happy clients

We know the subscription model. And we know content.

SaaSpirin is brought to you by the founder of successful SaaS development company Belighted in partnership with veteran marketers and copywriters.

Since 2008, Belighted has helped develop, launch, and grow scores of SaaS businesses, including a couple of our own. We’ve seen the power of content marketing. And we’ve also seen how difficult it can be to give your blog the attention it needs when you’re still trying to gain traction. SaaSpirin — blogging on autopilot — is the answer we’ve found.

The results speak for themselves. Blog posts like those you see here have accounted for 400 leads and over $600,000 in revenue for just one company. They pull in traffic every day for important keywords, because we build SEO into every post we write.

Some samples of our work

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  • Email automation software

    A part of our SEO strategy for, this blog post captured 2 keywords right away and continued to climb. After 5 months, the post has acquired 45 backlinks and ranks for 40 highly relevant keywords.

  • Client portal software

    We created this foundational piece to help ManyRequests gain visibility in the productized services market. We saw excellent reception on social media, and the client started getting customer signups from search after a month and a half.

  • Learning management software

    A series of blog posts positioned Dokeos as an authority in their target industry of pharmaceuticals. Our team selected meaningful topics and dug up authoritative sources. The posts have captured over 25 keywords so far.

  • Ecommerce listing software

    Although AccelerList has been blogging for some time, this post, among the first we created for their blog, is already in their top 10. After just 2 months, it’s ranking for 56 keywords, including many high-volume keywords.

  • Native ad management tool

    Brax helps marketers use native advertising platforms such as Taboola and Outbrain. Our team got up to speed on the industry quickly, planning and creating content like this blog post, which ranks for 22 keywords.

  • Knowledge management platform

    We created a cluster around the central topic of knowledge management for Elium. We began with an overview of the 3 types and then dug deeper into each. We’ve captured 54 keywords, including potential featured snippets.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Partnering with a company that only focuses on SaaS is very valuable because they know the challenges SaaS companies face, and what kinds of content perform the best to acquire customers.
Robin Vander Heyden - ManyRequests
Thanks to their talented team, we are happy to be able to move forward and project ourselves more easily in the development of our content.
Sonia Ghariani - Skipr
We couldn't afford the $2,000 per blog post high end content agencies typically charge but didn't want to end up with cheap content either. SaaSpirin seemed too good to be true but we decided to give it a shot. After seeing the quality of our first post, we quickly upgraded our plan to 4 blog posts / month and never looked back. Best decision of 2020.
Ferenc Fekete - VeryCreatives

Success Story

One client more than doubled their organic traffic in the first 6 months of working with us

Incredible value that saves you time

I liked that there was no risk in giving it a try, and that it came no-strings attached. The quality of the work, the interactions with the team and the methodology made working with SaaSpirin a winning proposition.
Alexandre Caulier - Elium
I'm impressed with the research you guys did already, so that's a good start. Let’s move to 4 articles a month.
Joe Speiser - Brax
You killed it with the topics, great job! All are approved.
Kevin Conti - Software Ideas

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I am loving what your team has been doing.
Erik Simins - Workwolf
SaaSpirin has a very competitive and very accessible offer. We enjoy the easy point of contact with Nicolas.
Mathieu Bazelaire - Ludus
Happy customer here as well. Thanks for your great work! We love the articles, and we got our first trials from Google search last week after just 1.5 months of publishing content.
Robin Vander Heyden - ManyRequests
Thank you for the article, it's very high quality! Can't wait to publish it finally. I love the data that backs the facts. We really appreciate the extra effort you've put into this and made a longer article.
Ferenc Fekete - VeryCreatives

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